In The Wind

A few weeks as I took out the trash outside of my house, a tall man named Robert started walking toward my house. Now normally that would freak out a lot of people out, but he stood back and talked to me from the top of my driveway. He told me he used to cut the grass at the house, which was exactly what I needed since I was having a house party the next day.

So with very little convincing and the fact that I had called 3 or 4 other people who couldn’t do it, I meet my neighbor and let him cut my grass. This experience, like many that I have just brought back to light that God is always listening and speaking in a still small voice. So what do I mean? Continue reading

5 Principles for Spiritual Victory

When you hear a great sermon sometimes the best thing you can do is to share it. So that’s what this is.

The text today comes from Joshua 6:1-5, where Joshua and the Israelities were about to take the promised land. They had been through a lot and were out in the wilderness finally about to take the promised land, when they faced a great obstacle: the walls of Jericho.

So God gave Joshua some very specific instructions regarding exactly what they should do to win the victory and thankfully they listened. When they did, they took the land and were finally in the promised land, even though they fell out of grace again with God and had to save them, but that’s another story. Continue reading

Insecurities Won’t Be The Death of Me

Being tired is often the perfect storm for doubt to creep into my life and give the devil a foothold and this past week was no different. When you’re doing a lot of anything in life, like building a company, you can sometimes wear yourself out and that’s when doubt can creep in. It’s one of the rules that I sometimes forget never get too tired, because it can mean you can take your eye off of God and that can mean trouble.

So this week as I had decided to do a lot  and God had been blessing me, a little simple thing started to cause a hiccup and an insecurity. The funny thing was that it didn’t bother me that I got a flat tire or anything. It was small and minute, but it caused such an insecurity for me. So I put on my big boy faith pants, prayed and thought about it and got over it.

But it did bring up the question in my mind of how we as Christians shouldn’t be worried or have any real insecurities especially when God is always doing something for us. Jeremiah 17:7–8Philippians 4:6-9, and 1 Peter 5:7 all tell us that we’ll be blessed and should cast our cares and fears on the Lord and he will take care of us. But you how do you practically do that when you may be tired or busy? Let’s look at some tips shall we:

  1. Slow down: The main thing I had to remember this week is to slow down. You don’t have to live or do anything at 100 mph unless you’re driving in a race and our race in life is a marathon not a sprint. Slowing down helps you to focus on what’s important and put things into perspective. I recommend using a nice little app called calm (for my tech savvy folks) or just simple meditation.
  2. Focus on what God is doing: Often times we focus on that one small thing instead of the bigger thing God is doing in the midst of us fretting. Focusing on what God is actually doing will help reassure you and improve your faith in God to get through the hard time.
  3. Stop trying to fix it: By trying to solve the issue you are standing in the way of what God can do and is actually trying to do. It’s all about believing God can fix it and not you.

Insecurity is a lack of faith in God and can happen to anyone. We haven’t quite made it to heaven yet so we’re not quite perfect. But we can stop worrying about it if we simply remember what God has done and trust him as he works. As you go throughout this week, when you hit a snag remember to trust God and focus on him. Don’t let the devil punk you especially when God has all power.